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Danby, Vermont 05739


Enjoy your vacation in a beautiful, natural Vermont setting. The Mettawee and Littlebranch houses provide a unique setting where you will experience new sights and sounds, a strong, clean breeze, and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. The location, and combination of indoor and outdoor activities, provide a unique Vermont Experience. Enjoy!

Your Best Friend is Welcome Here!

The Mettawee properties are a canine's dream come true.  

'There is lots of room to run around outside, enjoy a game of frisbee or fetch, or just smell the flowers.  

You  might just enjoy gazing out the window from a comfortable resting spot.  

There are lots of places to explore - at the house and nearby at the Big Branch Wilderness Area - and if you're lucky, you might discover a friendly neighbor's cat, or hear the resident coyotes howling at night which will bring back the wolfie in you.  

All of this activity leads to serious nap time.'

There is a $100.00 per canine, per visit fee that applies.  All doggie visitors are subject to owner's approval.  

Our "pet addendum" applies for all canine visitors.  See below for a copy.  

For canine visitors, you may want to take the following things into consideration:

Make sure your pet is updated on all shots and carry documentation with you

Keep any medications on hand that might be needed

Secure her tags properly in place and carry vet/emergency phone numbers

Create a home like environment by bringing a crate, a familiar pillow or blanket and try to stick to a regular feeding and sleeping schedule.  Don't forget the chow.  In preparation for snow and ice, trim your dog’s nails and the hair around her feet to prevent chunks of frozen muck from accumulating in her fur.  In recent winters, a top crust of ice on the deep snow has made it difficult on our canines.  You may want to consider bringing pad protective booties for your dog during the winter months.

For winter visits, you may want to consider bundling your dog up in another layer; smaller breeds in particular will need an extra layer.